Robot In Movie 2011

1. Objective

The  participant  builds  the  robot  that  meets  the  given  theme,  and  produces  a  multimedia  presentation  in which the robot is the main character. It helps the participants to develop diverse thinking of the usage of robots and to combine these skills into the presentation.


2. Leagues



3. Team

2 people per more than 1 robot per a team.


4. Preparation

  1. 1 laptop, 1 camera (web cam, digital etc, no restriction on the type however, type of camera and model must be sited in the plan)
  2. Stop motion software & editing software (no restriction on the manufacture) Type of software need to be sited in the plan
  3. others: Props and USB sticks.


5. Game Methods

  1. The playing field size is within 0.9 m (L) * 0.9 m (W)*0.8(H)3 dimensional area
  2. Competition time
    • Planning  [1  hour]:  submit  the planning  sheet  (form  provided  by committee) with  the function  of  the robots and any other relevant information, including the Storyboard (at least 4 columns)
    • Shooting [3 hours]: video shooting
    • Editing [1 hour] Editing, titles, BGM etc.
    • Please  note  that  the  team  can  adjust  the  planning,  shooting  and  editing  time.  However,  the  team must meet the total competition time (5 hours). 1 point penalty will be applied per every 5 minutes.
  3. Props and stages of planning
    • Stage: decorating the playfield.
    • Other props: Props with motors, lightings, camera stands, etc.
    • Sounds: Background music, sound effects etc. (Memory sticks or CD)
  4. Submitting the final production
    • Save in the memory sticks and submit to the referees. The referee will return the stick after converting the file.
  5. The main theme will be announced before the competition. The participant must select the sub-theme to prepare for the game.










Soccer robot,  baseball  robot,  golf  robot,  boxing  robot,  taekwondo









Car   manufacturing   robot,   book   maker   robot,   farmer   robot,   house
















6. GeneralRules

  1. No one is allowed in the competition area except the participants.
  2. All robots and props can be pre-made before the game and can also be made on site.
  3. Total competition time is 5 hours
  4. A laptop  is  allowed  for  programming;  participants  should  prepare  the  computer  for  competition.  All  participants must ensure that the computer’s battery is fully charged in case of power outage at the competition venue.
  5. All participants must bring their own tools. Electric tools can be brought in, however, it must be battery operated.
  6. The  participants  can  use  as  many  other  materials  as  they  wish  as  long  as  they  do  not  exceed  the  assigned number of parts. However, usage of dangerous materials such as sharps, or those that pose a potential fire hazard, etc. are prohibited.
  7. There is no restriction on usage of batteries.
  8. All participants must bring their own props (scissors, glues, etc).
  9. All participants must submit the panning form and the storyboard.
  10. The robot must move as described in the submitted plan and storyboard.
  11. Deduction from the final score will be made if the performance does not meet the theme.
  12. Deduction from the final score will be made if the performance does not follow the storyboard submitted
  13. Deduction from the final score will be made if the production does not run logically.
  14. Any other issues that are not mentioned here will be discussed by the committee. The resolution of each issue will be announced to the participants and will be considered final. No further objections will be accepted.


7. Evaluation

  1. The  participants  must  finish  the  whole  process  in  allocated  timeframe.  However,  the  allocated  time  for  each session may change.
  2. The teams must exhibit their final production to the spectators on the day.
  3. The referees may ask questions or request some actions during the presentation. Their decisions will be final and may affect the final record of participant.
  4. The attitudes and overall appearance of each participant can also affect the final score of the participant.



Higher relationto










Effective timing


Robot movement





Propand background














8. Tie Breakers

  1. If  there is a tie.
    • The participant who has no deduction (regarding 5-2-4, 6-3, 6-4) wins.(first priority)
    • The participant who has a higher score in the creative area wins (second priority)
    • The participant who has a higher relation to the theme wins (third priority)

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