Robotic asked to enter curriculum

SOLO – Government is asked to soon put robotic material into basic level school curriculum. By that way, easier for students to understand and attract to technology world. The aim is students can always follow technology development and market need.

“during the time apparently there’s technology allergy. They are afraid make a mistake, afraid broke the tools. While if studied since beginning will not be a problem because they will learn while they play” said robotic expert from Indonesia University (UI), Ir. Wahidin Wahab, M.Sc.,P.hd, when met in the middle of robotic development seminar at kalam kudus Christian junior high school, solo, Tuesday (19/2). That seminar is the series of the 2nd science festivals.

Wahidin sees that technology area not yet be main attention because during the time, society is only become consumer of technology product not produce it. It mean, society trapped in technology dependence.

According to him, with early preparation in 10-15 years, Indonesia can create technology that is wanted. “as in korea, this science area obligated by government to studied at elementary school. So it’s not strange if the industrial area also rapidly grow” said electrical engineering faculty UI lecturer. (Source :PENDIS, hans)

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