Robot History of World

Robot History of World | Robot first appeared in 1920, derived from the word ‘robota’ which in Czech (Eastern European countries) meaning forced labor. The word appears in the play Rossum’s Universal Robots stage works by Karel Capek, a Czech. Then in 1950, Isaac Asimov pointed out in his novel ‘Robot’, the three rules of robotics is, a robot may not injure humans, must obey orders given human being, unless it violates the first rule, and the robot must protect its own existence as a machine to be obey humans.

Robot History of World | Alongthe development of technology, various robots created by specialization or privilege. Robot with a special feature is closely associated with the needs of the modern industrial world. Today they are increasingly demanding the existence of a tool with high ability who can help solve human tasks or completing work that humans can not be resolved.

The mostindustrious countries carrying out research on various kinds of robots are Japanese. Actually, the robot is not ‘new stuff’ for the people of Japan. Japan’s first robots has been created centuries ago. Certainly not with the forms that exist today.

Starting froma robot that can water the fields created by Kaya-no-Miko as told in 12th century stories collection, Konjaku Monogatari Shu, up to karakuri-ningyo dolls robot developed by a fairly high level of technology and displayed in the form of dolls as entertainment at theater and the festival (until now still shown in the Takayama festival in Gifu Prefecture) – Robot History of World

In 1927 came the first Japanese robot developed by using Western technology, named Gakutensoku. This robot was created by Showa empire (a.k.a Hirohito). Has a height of about 3 meters and can move his head, blinking and smiling. Gakutensoku actually been “put to sleep” but “awakened” again by adding the new computer and pneumatic systems with the price of about Rp. 2 billion. Until now, robotic technology was developed in many countries around the world, and hopefully will impact to Indonesia as well | Robot History of World.

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