Assembling, and finally robot created…

At hall Kalam kudus Christian senior high school, there are unsual scene never seen before. Several white blue uniformed childs sits in front of computer. These child look happy while make robot. They are finishing robot for robotic competition central java junior high school level. This competition is part of the 4th science festival kalam kudus foundation, Surakarta.

For one table consist of 1 up to 4 students that merged into team. Sometimes they discuss each other what will they make and program.
One of the competition participant from syifa budi junior high school, pramesa juan fadila admit that he ever follow similar competition several time. He is ever be the 3rd winner robotic competition city level a few time ago, “Now I’am assembling mobile robot and I’ll program it”. “The highest difficulty level when programming because the wheel is not robust” he said that with show his mobile robot result in the middle of competition, Friday (1/10).

Chairman of robotic competition committee, Trimanto said that the competition followed by 8 schools from solo and Jogjakarta. “for assembling, programming, up to try the track we give 2 hours time”,”for the square where there are green circle valueable 100 point, blue circle 50 point, and if can until finish we add 200 point” he said. According to him, this activity can train children logic and learn to solve a problem. “we can see how children can solve their problem and increase their creativity. (Farrah Ikha Riptayani)

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