The passion of robot assembly…

Muhammad Vincar Rafi and M Romi Rahadian leave their chair. While bring their robot both move to arena “Robotic Competition Elementary and junior high school central java and jogjakarta level” that held in the middle of the 4th Science festival at kalam kudus senior high school, sukoharjo, Friday (1/10).

In the arena there are certain point and if touch it will result point 50 or 100, but near that point there are box and if touch the box will get penalty 20 point reduction. The other challenge, participant must touch the finish line to get highest point that is 200 point. Beside that, robot can’t touch outer line because participant will be disqualified.

Vincar and romi choose strategy to reach certain point that easy to reach and more focused to reach the finish line at short time. Proven that this strategy lead them student from 5 junior high school Jogjakarta, be the 1st winner on this competition that followed by 8 participant.

It’s different with Iqbal irsyad Muhammad and ahmad naufal hamidi, student from al azhar syifa budi junior high school solo. They have strategy to get all point to anticipate point reduction because of penalty. Their strategy can get all point but can’t avoid the penalty and can’t reach the finish line. Iqbal and naufal be the 2nd winner. The 3rd winner is rach by Agur Yake Mulia from kalam kudus christion junior high school solo who come up alone.

"“to learn robotic, we teach children to be creative to solve problem with various strategy. This matter doesn’t learn by children at formal school which more one way learning process. Robotic study need children involvement since the start untul finish: said ROBOTA ROBOTICS SCHOOL director, ananta dwi rajasa who become this competition jury.

Robotic interest from student area, according to ananta is more and more. At least this is that seen from his robotic course that cooperate with 11 schools at solo and several at Jogjakarta.

There are diverse motivation from student to learn robot. Romi that learn since 5 grade elementary school, in the future want to create robot that can help human work such as washing and moping. While iqbal, learn robot because he is finding happy while assembling robot. (Sri Rejeki)

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