Robot school interest at padang very high

Big interest for ROBOTA ROBOTICS SCHOOL at padang city more felt, behold, although that robot school not yet begin to operate, but up to now 50 students already sign-up (waiting list) to learn at school. “The subject it self may be very rare so that a lot of people interested to learn robot in indonesia beside also robota side educated the market that learn that robots is good for education” said ananta dwi rajasa, ROBOTA ROBOTICS SCHOOL owner to today. Furthermore, according to ananta, waiting list student at padang city actually already fulfill the target, although when grand opening conduct there isn’t student increasing. “for the beginning, 50 students actually already fulfill the target, ROBOTA ROBOTICS SCHOOL capacity it self achieve 250 students” he said. Ananta admit the huge interest to learn at ROBOTA ROBOTICS SCHOOL also along with padang city progress that more rapidly grow, for that, to educate the society the important of learn robot at ROBOTA ROBOTICS SCHOOL, many way that must be done, begin from maximise marketing job, demo to every school and conduct various seminar to educate society about ROBOTA ROBOTICS SCHOOL.

Looking at ROBOTA ROBOTICS SCHOOL potential in Indonesia better time by time, ROBOTA ROBOTICS SCHOOL also will open new franchisee at medan city, after franchisee at padang city operates. “mabe this December 2009, we will open ROBOTA ROBOTICS SCHOOL at medan city because medan city also has good enough prospect for robot school” he said.(Alan Jehunat/

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