Kalam kudus Christian foundation solo branch conduct the 4th science festival

Solo – making robot is a fun activity to do for them who love electronic things. This thing is watched by trimanto, leader from robotic school solo branch, Robota.

This fun activity, latest year start to reach student from playgroup up to senior high school. Even at several school there are robotic extracurricular.

See student potential inthis case, kalam kudus Christian foundation Surakarta branch conduct the science festival. This annual agenda be the fourth time in this year.

This festival held gradually with carry assorted competition. Today (1/10), 8 teams and 12 12 individual participants that be the junior high school student from solo and jogjakarta participate at assembling and programming robot competition at kalam kudus Christian senior high school, solo baru that conducted by ROBOTA ROBOTICS SCHOOL.

Said by participant named edo sigit aditya from kalam kudus Christian junior high school VII grade, he follow this competition because he want to create robot one more time. “before it, I have made a robot when join extracurricular at school and I want to test my self” he said.

Edo admit that highest difficulty level is when programming. “usually what we commanded via computer sometimes miss when practiced, so that must pass the test process carefully” he add it while programming his robot.

Trimanto that also competition committee leader say that assembly process, programming, and test the robot before evaluating given time during 2 hours. “evaluation based on robot movement, on track or not. Point they get come from point they choose on track” he said. He add that if robot pass the border line, there 20 point reduce. While there are several coloud circle on track show point they get if pass the circle. For blue circle get 50 point and green circle get 100 point. “if reach the finish line 200 point added”he said.

According to him, with making robot can train children to think logically and solve problem, “in every problem there several way to solve it. Via this competition, children is invited to think with their own logic about way to solve problem most effective and efficient. (source : Niar)

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