Creative Robot

THEME:  Robot for Helping People from Natural Dissaster


The creative category provides an opportunity for students to expand their ability in design and creativity  in  designing  the  best  solution  to  a  realistic  problem,  and  to  acquire  science  and engineering knowledge as well as to apply practical skills.


Junior, Challenge and Robo


Not more 3 persons per team with 1(one) design per team. The design may include several robots to achieved best solution of the given problem.


The creative category consist of four parts and is arranged within 2(two) days,

  1. Robot Concept Design Contest
  2. Poster Preparation and Design
  3. Robot Constructions.
  4. Presentation and Demo

The theme of this contest is already announced on the IRO 2011 website in advance.
The teams may have used the time before the competition day to design the robot, planning to describe it on a poster, prepare its controlling part and planning the presentation and Demo of their robot.
The final score of the team depends on the scores achieved in all parts. Ties in the score will be resolved by giving preference to the team that demonstrate higher creativity, explanation of the solution of the given theme, completion and skill.



The Concept Design Contest is in the morning of first competition day. A different simplified theme related  to  assigned  Creative  Robot  theme   will  be  announce  to  the  team  at  the  begining  of  the contest. The team are given 3-4 hours (three to four hours) to develop a concept design for robot, and to ilustrate it on a poster using colour standard drawing pens provided by the committee. The team  is  allowed  to  bring  their  own  colouring  pens.  The  allocated  time  may  be  shorter  or  longer depending the available time  on the competition day.  The team  can use  the internet  but  are not allowed to be assisted by other people. The posters will be collected at the end of the contest to be evaluated by the Judges. When  judging  the  poster,  the  following  aspects  are  assessed:  theme  embodiment,  systematic observation  of  robot  function,  design  solution  quality,  clear  presentation  of  idea  and  aesthetic appearance.


The Poster Preparation and Design Contest is in the afternoon of the first competition day. The team are given 3(three)  hours to  develop and make the Poster to  describe their robot to embodify  the given theme using the colour drawing pens. Maximum 4(four) pages of A3 sized white sheet will be provided for each team.


The  team  should  dismantled  all  the  robot  parts  except  the  controller  and  electronics,  and  brings them  to  the  competition  area.  In  the  morning  of  the  second  competition  day,  at  the  Robot Construction  contest,  the  teams  are  given  4  hours(four  hours)  to  build  the  robot  from  scracth, without the assistance from other people. The length of the time given are depending of the time available during the competition day. After construction time has finished. The team should prepre to demonstrate its robot operation to the judges.
Evaluation  of  the  projects  focusses  on  the  following  aspect:  theme  embodiment,  design  concept, technical implementation, operation quality and understanding principles of robot operation.
The team must observe this following rules:

  1. Only the participacing   team members can enter the designated game area. If persons that are not registered team member are found in the game area the team related with these persons will be disqualified.
  2. The robot must be constructed in 4 (four) hours, preassembled robot are not allowed. However a processor module for robot control is allowed.
  3. The robot should perform function described in the poster prepared by the team.
  4. Each  team  must  bring  its  own  materials  and  tools  for  building  the  robot.  Electric  tools  are allowed; however, the electric instrument should have self-regulation power.
  5. Teams are allowed to bring a computer for programming.

C. Presentation and demo contest

Each team is given 10(ten) minute at most for oral presentation of their projects in english. They present their robot systems, describe design problems, explain their solution and explain how the design  matched  to  the  contest  theme.  When  evaluating  the  presentation  the  judges  look  at  the understanding of robotic concepts, level of problems, quality of the work and originality of solution and their presentation.


  1. The first winner is the champion and awarded the gold medal.
  2. The second winner is the first runner-up and awarded the silver medal.
  3. The third winner is the second runner-up and awarded the bronze medal.
  4. There are five special awards will be awarded to winners by the decision of the committee.

7. Tie breaker

  1. If  there  are  Ties  in  the  score,  it  will  be  resolved  by  giving  preference  to  the  team  that demonstrate higher creativity, explanation of the solution of the given theme, completion and skill.
  2. Final result is by the decision of the judges.


  1. The Robot should be made with the safety for the users, referee and the spectators.

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