Robot Survival 2011

1. Objective

Robot  Survival  Game  is  a  direct  robot-to-robot  competition;  the  participants  can  compete with the robot made by them. The constructive skills, programming skills and strategies will decide the performance of the robot.
Robot Survival Game is a new tournament game. It can stimulate the youngsters’ anxiety to victory, thus increase their interests to robot science and technology.

2. Leagues

Junior League

3. Team

2 person 2 robots per team

4. Game Methods

  1. A playground assigned by the committee will be used for Robot Survival Game.
  2. Each team should place robots, balls and blocks in the playground.
  3. The teams must control the robot by 1) blue tooth or 2)zigbee or 3) 1:1- 2.4GHz RF (1 out on 3).
  4. The team must build the castle in the buncker by the mission as fast as possible.
    • Each blocks and balls are 1 point.
    • Left over mega ball in the team area( -1 point).
  5. Game duration: 2 minutes. Extra time when ther is a tie: 1 minute and all componet will be placed as the beginning. If there is still a tie, re match.
  6. If the robot fell out from the playfield it can not be brought in the to competion.
  7. If the robot if not working during the competition it should be leave as it is. However, if the robot is placed on the bunker, the referee can move the robot out.

5. Game Rules

  1. The   robot   should   be   pre   made   before   the   competition.   (there   will   be   no construction time)
  2. Participants could add additional components to the robot, except the following cases.
    • Infrared circuits interfering with the opponent’s control to robot is not allowed
    • Electromagnetic  wave  generating  circuits  interfering  with  the  opponent  electrical circuit is not allowed.
  3. The  weight  of  each  robot  (including  the  batteries)  should  not  be  heavier  than  2kg. Contoroller is not included. There is no limitation of robot size however,  they should not be higher than 30cm when it is switched off and strached out.
  4. Robots  should  work   with  an  independent  electric  power  supply;   it  cannot   use  a combustible device. Robots must not move before the start of the game.
  5. Participants  should  not  touch  directly  or  change  the  shape  of  the  robot  during  the competition. With the permission of the referee, participants could give a simple repair to the robot, but the change of the robot shape is not allowed.
  6. Robots must work automatically or by the remote control.
  7. There is no limitation on the voltage.
  8. All  teams  can  use  the  lap  tops  to  program  however,  it  needs  to  be  supplied  by  the participants.
  9. The participant may move 3 sides of their own field area. However, if they step on the guide line on the ground or enter opponet side 1 point will be deducted.
  10. Any other issues that are not mentioned here will be discussed by the committee. The resolution  of  each  issue  will  be  announced  to  the  participants  and  will  be  considered  final. No further objections will be accepted.

6. The Playground

  1. The size: Two 160cm X 120cm playfiledd. There are 5cm high transparent acyle walls toward other playfileds. All the others sides have 10 cm transparent acryl walls. (+- 10%)

7. The blocks

  1. There  are  4  types  of  blocks  (cylinder,  triangular  phillar,  cube  and  sphear)  to  build  the castle.
  2. The sizes;
    • Cylinder: 8.5 cm (diameter) * 10 cm (hights)
    • Triangular phillar: 10 cm * 10cm * 10 cm (L*W*H)
    • Cube: 10cm * 10cm * 10cm (L*W*H) and each side have different patterns or colors.
    • Sphear: Styrofoam under 10 g

8. The mega ball

  1. Each playfield have 3 tennis balls (under 100 g each) called megaball.
  2. Megaball will be placed in the playfield by the referees.
  3. Each  team  can  only  use  megaball  twice  and  if  the  team  use  the  megaball  more  than twice the team will be disqualified.
  4. The Megaball must be used within 1 minute 30 seconds  from starting the game. If it is used after the assigned time the team will be disqualified. (If there is extra time: must be used within 30 seconds)
  5. If  the team throws  other than  the  megaball or  other team’s  mega  ball  to  opponet  side the team will be disqualified.
  6. If  the  megaball  falls  outside  the  playfield  by  accident,  it  will  be  concidered  as  used. However,  if  the  megaball  is  still  in  the  team  area  or  bounced  back  to  team  area,  it  can  be reused.

9. The Bunker

The  bunker  is  located  in  the  middle  of  playfiled.  It  is  a  combination  of  9  squares  with size 10 cm * 10 cm.

10. Game Operation

  1. The team must build the castle as given mission.
  2. The team gets 1 point for each block that completed mission and add up all points. The team with higher points wins.
  3. Cold game: If one of the teams finishes building the castle before the game ends the referee can finish the game. The usage of mega ball does not count.
  4. If the shape or pattern of the block is not correct, it won’t be counted as a point. If block on  the  lower  level  is  not  in  the  correct  position,  block  in  the  higher  level  also  will  not  be counted as a point.
  5. The referee can end the game when
    • One team gives up the game by any reason.
    • If one team has more than 3 penalties.
    • If the participant touches the robot without the permission from the referee.

11. Warning

  1. In the following cases, the referee can give a warning to the participants.
    • Interfere with the opponent team’s work (eg. loud voice, body contact).
    • Refuse to obey the referee and working staff’s direction or interfere with the game.
    • Destroy the opponent robot intentionally
    • Leave the assigned places.

12. Example of scouring

  1.  (Completed block * 1point) – Mega ball left in the area = final score

Team    A: Built 11 blocks, 2 is not placed correctly. (total 4 including 2 in the higher level) Total 8 blocks. 2 mega ball left.

Team    B: Built 8 blocks, 4 mega ball left.


Team    A : 8 (block)- 2(mega ball) = 6 point

Team    B: 8 (block) – 4 (mega ball) = 4 point

Team A wins

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